Sunday, January 30, 2011

Advice please

I've done a lot of thinking lately and I've been considering opening my own etsy shop. 

Starting this blog for me was a huge step because I don't always have the confidence in myself that most people seem to have.  I have so many things that I've made piling up around here and they seem to be taking over.  My honey says I should consider selling them, but I'm just not sure I'm ready to take that leap yet. 

One of the questions I have would be, If I only have 31 followers here on my blog and I can't seem to keep people interested or get more followers what should I do differently?  I know that if I can't get the followers here on my blog (which would be one of my main sources for my etsy shop) how would I get enough sales in my shop to keep it open?  This is not meant to sound like a pity party, I just need some advice from those of you that have etsy shops or several followers on you blogs. 

Is there anything that you have done on your blog specifically that has increased the amount of people that your blog attracts?

What are you more interested in seeing on craft blogs that I may or may not have on here that I could improve?

I would appreciate any input on this.  Thank you so much in advance!!


  1. I started an Artfire store (which is free and I didn't want to pay at first) before I started blogging and made a sale! It's all about getting the hits through people's searches....blogging helps, but is not the only way to attract attention :)

    It is a lot of work to set up a have to fill everything out, shop policies, bios, shipping info, etc.....take pics and upload them all, describe in detail, etc...

    But, when you're beats just having the items sitting around at home with no one else seeing them....this way I feel like I'm storing them "online" as well...which is an active thing rather than "put away".
    Know what I'm getting at?

    You'll decide what's right when the time is right :)

    My best,

  2. I just came on over here from Vintage Wanna Bee and I thought I'd chime in with some advice. I have a blog and an etsy shop, and well, I've made like 2 sales from my etsy shop. I also have 29 followers on my blog which is really exciting to me, since I started it to keep track of recipes that I loved, and wanted to share with my friends.
    Anyway, eventhough I don't make any sales on my etsy shop, I still enjoy it. and it's a whopping 20 cents to list each item! Woo-hoo! I try to shop etsy as much as possible, but I can tell you that the one thing that urks me is when there's something I want to buy for a great deal, but the shipping cost is outrageous!! So, if you do set up an etsy shop, please don't do that :)
    Good luck!
    PS-I'm now a follower :)

  3. I have wondered the same thing you have. I say, "Go for it!" What can it hurt? It doesn't cost much to start a shop and even if you only make a few sales, I think it would be worth it.

    Good luck! I will be watching to see what you decide!

  4. Thank you ladies!! When I have officialy made my decision I will be sure to post about it.

    Oh and I also wanted to say that it is very nice to make a few new friends through vintage wanna bees slumber party

  5. Oh, and a quick update! I, too, hate high shipping I would guesstimate an amount I thought was give or take the actual cost...and something I'd be willing to pay....

    Well, I tell you now that I just sold a that I was particularly proud of, and offered for a reasonable price, and had to pay $7.00 more than the $6.00 I estimated to get it its destination! I've since gone in on both shops and made the shipping higher. Kinda frustrating to make less than expected when you already priced it so attractively :( Oh well, live and learn!

    But, also, to let you know....I've had my Etsy store open for maybe 2-3 weeks and I've made a sale there already, independent of my who knows....I say just put it out there and see who bites!

    Hope that helps :)

  6. I just opened my own etsy shop and started a blog, one of the things I come across on advice for blogs is to do giveaways.


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