Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Good Afternoon Everyone!!

I hope yall are all doing great and keeping cool!!  It has been so hot here in Texas that I don't look forward to going outside EVER!!  I have been slacking when it comes to my crafts, just can't seem to get inspired.  And this is what is leading me to talk about printerest today.  I have requested an invitation from printerest several times, but I still haven't gotten an invite!!  So my question is, how do you get an invitation to printerest?  How long does it usually take before they respond?

I don't know what has gotten me into this rut that I'm in, but I'm trying to get myself out of it.  I still read all my favorite blogs and I do see plenty of great ideas out there, but it's not helping.  Maybe I need to do a craft supply swap or something because I am to the point that I don't even need to pull my fabric and supplies out to look at them anymore because I know what I have by heart.  Maybe I need to open the blinds and let some sunlight in and that would help me too!!  Well if you have any advice or info about Pinterest would you let me know.  I'd really appreciate it!!  So until next time............

Happy Crafting!!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

UGGGG Blogger!!

Ok, first off let me just say Happy father’s day to all the wonderful father’s out there!!

I am not happy with blogger, I got on this morning while everyone was still asleep and found out that a post that  I had typed up and THOUGHT I posted yesterday NEVER got posted and it was deleted!! 

Yesterday was my youngest son Justin’s third birthday!!!  He was born exactly 2 years and 1 day after my oldest!!


So since Blogger erased my post this is just for Little Man!!

Justin you are such an interesting little boy, the last sonogram I had done before you were born the Dr. said he could see little fat rolls on you little thighs!!   You were such a little chunk and so full of energy.  You hardly slept at all, you were so afraid you were going to miss something.  You keep us all so busy and our home is so full of life because of you.  I think you are the most active little boy I have ever seen.  You make me laugh everyday with your little stunts.  Even when you throw a fit I have to turn to laugh so that you don’t know I’m laughing at you!!!  Thank you baby boy for bringing a smile to my face everyday!!  Thank you for completing our little family and for teaching us all how to laugh and just let go!!  I love you so very much, you will never know how grateful we are to have you in our lives!!!

090            124          036

Friday, June 17, 2011

5 years ago today

I became a mother!!!  I had my oldest son by emergency c-section 5 years ago today.  I had pre-eclamsya which led to high blood pressure and severe swelling.  My blood pressure was at stroke level when Landon was finally taken.  He was a tiny baby only weighing 4lbs 10 ozs, he went straight to the NICU and I went straight to ICU.  I didn't get to touch or lay eyes on my tiny bundle of joy until he was 24 hours old.  He was so tiny and there were so many machines that he was hooked up to, just looking at him was scary.  He had a wonderful nurse that allowed me to lift him up just a little bit off of his little bed.  The emotions that ran through me were so overwhelming I didn't know if I was going to cry from happiness or cry because I was so worried, but either way the tears came in streams.

Even to this day thinking about the moment I became a mother makes me tear up and become very emotional.  This little boy has taught me so many things about myself and life in general that I don't think I would've ever learned on my own.

At 6 months old Landon was diagnosed with a rare birth defect in his right eye called PHPV(persistent hyper plastic primary vitreous), that was one of the most devastating days of my life!!  For months we had told his pediatrician that we thought something was wrong with our babies eye, he wouldn't open it for the first several weeks and when he finally did he would shriek in pain and we could see a white mass in his eye.  There is nothing like being told that your baby has a cataract in his eye, glaucoma, and will be blind with a very high chance of loosing his eye all together and will face several surgeries to repair the many things that this birth defect has caused.  There were so many thoughts that ran through my head, I blamed myself for a very long time because of this horrible thing.  A few weeks before Christmas our beautiful baby boy went through his first 2 surgeries.  He was such a trooper!!!  I think he gave us the strength we needed to pull our selves together and be strong.   Little did we know that our baby would end up having a total of 7 eye surgeries and 1 arm surgery before he was even 5 years old. 

He has done so many things that make me so proud and he is so full of love!!  He is probably the most loving little boy I have ever met, he will walk up and hug someone he's only known for 5 minutes and not even think twice about it.  He has opened my eyes and taught me how to love with every ounce of my being!!  I love you Landon and you make me so proud to be your Mommy!!!!  Happy Birthday baby boy, I hope that rest of your life is filled with smiles and TONS and TONS of love!!!

Look at those beautiful blue eyes and that beautiful smile!!  Oh how I love this boy!!!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Wedding (Final Post)

Ok this will be the final post on our wedding, I swear!  I have enjoyed sharing all the details from our special day with yall!!  It truly was an amazing day and it was as perfect as I imagined it would be. 

When we took our group photos after the wedding we all sat down on the steps, because Justin wasn’t having any part of standing up.  He was so tired, hot and hungry to cooperate so I decided we would let him decide how we took the photos.  I am actually glad I did because I think they turned out great!!


The above photo is actually a favorite for a lot of our friends and family.  Don’t my guys look so handsome!!


When Landon saw this photo he said and I quote “Mommy can I have that picture?”  I smiled so big and told him yes, so now I have to get busy and get it printed. 


131 b&W   084  136 B&w

Those 4 photos are my favorites!!!  They turned out so perfect!!  I was told several times throughout the day that I looked like Marilyn Monroe.  I’m not exactly the girly girl type of gal, but I loved being so fixed up I felt so pretty that day!!  Just a few more photos and then I’m off to get ready for a baby shower, so come back Monday and I will hopefully have the post about that ready.

      229   239   230

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Wedding part 3

I am so sorry that I have left yall waiting to see more photos for days now.  I have been so busy making baby shower gifts, it’s been crazy around here!!!  I will be sharing those projects with yall in the next few days, so if you’re interested keep checking back.  But anyway on to what I wanted to share today.


I got dressed and ready for the wedding at my grandmother’s house since that is where my mom and my aunt and her kids were.  Not to mention she has a much bigger house than our tiny apartment and it was so much easier to move around and get things done.   I was a hot mess that morning while we were setting things up, I wore a black Harley Davidson shirt and blue shorts, I didn’t match AT ALL!! 


I practiced for 2 weeks on tying a tie because I had no idea how to do it and the day of the wedding it slipped my mind and for the life of me I couldn’t figure it out.  But after about 10 tries I finally got it down and my Dad looked so handsome!!  He is not a tie person, he wears jeans and t-shirts more often then not so when he offered to wear my favorite tie for the wedding I was so excited!!  Thank you Dad!!!  Doesn’t Justin (my youngest) look so handsome??  My Aunt said she was going to call him Baby Face Cahill.  I love it!!


That is the ring pillow I made and blogged about awhile back.  Do you see those purple flowers up in the top of the photo?  Those are my new favorite flower, they are called wax flowers and they are absolutely beautiful!!  They were my bouquet along with white daisies and my Matron of honors bouquet was the same, but with yellow daisies. 

  092 076  089093 

My oldest (Landon) sat on the steps and played with rocks while we said our vows, he was so quiet he never made a sound.  My youngest on the other hand did exactly what we thought he would do and made as much noise as he possibly could, but he still did really well considering how long winded the preacher was.  I will be back soon to show you a few more photos, but I’m going to have to go for now because my sewing machine is calling my name.  So until then…………

Happy Crafting!!!

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