Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Denim bracelet

This was a quick throw together project that I did last night it took me maybe 20 minutes all together.  This was more of a way to get me back into sewing.  I haven't sewn anything in over a month and my machine was crying out for some attention.  All I used were things that I had on hand, scrap pieces of denim from an old skirt and leather samples I got for free from a garage sale.  This is a 100% upcycle project.  I'm not much of a bracelet person so this one will probably go to my oldest niece.  I plan on making a few more so I will come up with a tutorial in the near future incase anyone is interested.  I hope everyone is haveing a great Wednesday and I hope the rest of you week is even better.

So sorry for the horrible photos, I was having to shoot one handed so they didn't turn out as clear as they should have.  So until next time.......
Happy Crafting!!!

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