Thursday, January 13, 2011

Thrifty Thursday

I haven't posted a Thrifty Thursday post in quite sometime and it hasn't been becaues of a lack of finds I just haven't taken enough photos lately.  BUT this is not the case today!!  I may have only taken one photo but it was well worth it.  I did find many things and what was great about it was I only spent $5.25 because our local thrift store has had a half off sale for the past two weeks.  I found a really great sheet set that has owls all over it (I am head over heals for owls here lately), 4 vintage pillow cases, a cloche, 2 very nice 100% wool jackets (that I will be felting later), a very nice shirt for my honey, 18 different sized mirrors ( the largest is about 10" round and the smallest is about 2" round), lots of scrap fabric and this wonderful embroidered bear that is in a lovely green frame!!!

Look at all the beautiful hand embroidery and all those beautiful colors!!  Oh and I forgot to mention he was actually free!!!  Yes free!!  They have a free section where they put things that they don't think they can sale and the put a small X on the back of the item so they know that it's from the free section.  Oh how I love him it makes me so happy just looking at him. 

I've been contemplating opening an etsy shop to sale some of my homemade things and some of my vintage thrifted finds.  I would truly hate to part with this beautiful bear, but if I can't find a place for him he may be one of the first items in my shop.

 I've got lots of things planned I have been crafting like crazy and have alot of things set up to photograph tomorrow so there will be plenty of posts to read soon.  So until next time.........

Happy Crafting!!!

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