Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Reverse applique Denim coasters

These were made to fit in with Valentine decorations.  I don't usually decorate for any other holidays other than Halloween and Christmas, but I figured that since I'm trying to blog more this year I would try to get more into it. 

As a crafter I seem to have hoarding tendencies towards crafts supplies and scrap pieces of fabric (ah I finally admitted it).  Isn't that the first step to recovery?  Ha Ha anyways back to what I was saying.  So because of this I have plenty of pieces of denim laying around that are just waiting to be used.  I'm saving the larger pieces for a quilt later down the road, but I figured the smaller pieces would be great for projects like these. 

I love the way the denim looks when it's frayed on the edges so I just top stitched the two pieces together so that the edges would fray.  I used a darning foot for my sweing machine so that I could stitch around the hearts and write Love on the coasters. 

These were very simple to make and lots of fun.  I've made several more I just didn't manage to get photos of them.  So until next time........

Happy Crafting!!!!

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