Thursday, January 27, 2011

Rules are meant to be broken (right)

I'm finally back from my unwanted break.  Viruses all gone and all systems a-go. 

I've got several things that I can't wait to share with yall but first off I must ask a question.  Are there rules to creativity?  I mean I know that there are certain things that we learn to help for instance..... How to use a sewing machine, quilting techniques, how to cut using a rotary cutter , ways to paint, and in kindergarten we learn how to cut and paste.   I bet you're wondering where I'm going with all of this don't you?  Well what I'm getting at is this, is there really a proper way to be creative or can you just sew how ever you want to sew and create however you want to create?

The reason I'm asking is because I cut out a whole bunch of squares the other day from scrap pieces of material that were just taking up space and cluttering my entire craft area.  Tonight I started piecing the squares together to make my very first quilt (well I've made a rag quilt, but that was very easy to make and didn't involve any serious techniques).  As I was sewing them together I realized that some of them had gotten stuck in the machine while I was cutting them and they weren't all the same size......... So....... Not all the strips are the same size and some of them have more squares than others, but I'm loving it!!!  That's all that counts right?  Well as of right now I don't have any pictures to share because it's very dark in here and my camera and I aren't the best of friends right now (does anyone else's electronics ever seem to have a mind of their own?).  So since I don't have photos to share I thought I would show you some very lovely things I've found out in the great wide web.......enjoy!!!

(Source)  I would love to have this pillow!!! 
(Source) I love the whimsy-ness of these. (and yes if that wasn't a word before, it is now)
(Source) I want this for my wedding!!!
(Source) Oh I am in LOVE!!!
  Ok in case you didn't notice.... I  LOVE  me some burlap!!!  I just thought I would share some of these wonderful finds with yall!!  Enjoy and until next time............

Happy Crafting!!!


  1. Creativeness is all in how the artist perceives it. Yes sometimes I am all uniform & balanced in how I start say a jewelry project, but by the end of the jewelry session, I have gone off the beaten path and let the creative juices flow and have loved those later pieces more than the stuff I started with. So, you create in any way you want, any way your creative juices flow! If its always 'uniform' or 'cookie cutter' then heck, it can be massed produced & sold at the dollar store. Instead, take that stuff at the dollar store & create something that inspires YOU! :)
    leecytx from swap-bot!


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