Sunday, July 24, 2011

Showing off Sunday

Good Afternoon!!

It's been a few days since I posted, but I have a great excuse.  I have been sewing my butt off!!  I actually have a plan to give everyone in our family/extended family a homemade gift this Christmas, SOOOO I have had to start early to make sure I can get it all done.  There are a few things that I have completed but have failed to take photos of yet.  But I did want to share with yall what I have managed to photograph.

I made a simple, but cute quilt for my youngest son that was inspired by this one.

Oh and LOOK I made my own tag for the quilt.  My hopes are that the quilts that I make my boys will be something that they keep forever and I want them to know when they got them.  I used my machine to attach the binding, I hope to hand stitch the binding on my next quilt, but I was trying to keep this one simple and quick.  So what do yall think?

Ok now onto the next thing I managed to take a photo of.  I made another phone case, this one was suppose to be mine, but a friend of mine saw it when it was done and wanted one just like it so to keep us from having matching cases I gave her this one.

I love how bright it turned out!!  So what have yall been up to?  Is anyone else starting on Christmas gifts already, or is it just me?  Well until next time.............

Happy Crafting!!!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Recovered nap mat

Good morning everyone!!  I have started to get back into my crafts, slowly but surely.

I’m sure most of yall have seen those ugly red and blue nap mats that the kids take to school for nap time.  Well we inherited a pretty well used one the other day and my oldest son Landon loved it, but I was ready to get rid of it as soon as we received it.  It was so worn there were several rips and tears all over it.   BUT since he wouldn’t let me throw it out I decided I would recover it and make it look much better so that I would at least feel a little better about him laying on it. 


Can you see the big tear right in the middle?  There are also several small rips and tears all over it.


I found the fabric I used at Goodwill, it was a duvet cover that originally came from Ikea.  He LOVES it.  I am working on a pillow to go with it.  I love how it has the extra sheet part for him to cover up with.  This is going to be perfect for sleep overs or nap time at school.  And the next best part,  it still folds up and stores away nicely.


See how nice it folds up, it won’t take up much space at all in their room so I guess we can hold on to this nap mat for a little while longer.  Oh and I also re-used the plastic that was covering the foam.  I cut it into squares and punched a hole through one of the corners making it into a type of dry erase book.  They can write all over the plastic and then wipe it clean.  So none of the original mat went to waste.  That’s my kind of project.  So what do you think?  So until next time….


Happy Crafting!!!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

It has been a while!!

Good Morning everyone that has stuck around!!  Thank yall that have had the patience to wait around on me.  I had found myself in a little bit of a funk recently and I think I have finally gotten myself out of it.  I have actually finished several projects here lately and I want to share a few of them that I have photographed with yall. 
We had a very busy Independence day, but I did manage to make a very delicious desert and a shirt for me since I forgot to get one when I got everyone else’s shirts. 
                      105                 130
I don’t think that my desert lasted an hour after we started eating it, and I’ve actually already been asked to make it again so I guess it was a hit!!  We had so much fun on the 4th watching the parade and fireworks, my boys loved it!!
   292          285
  265          297
And I must say Independence day is my ALL time favorite holiday!!  After all it is the day after mine and my Dad’s birthday so they must be popping the fireworks for us, right?  It is amazing how beautiful the fireworks are I could watch them all year long for hours at a time!!!

Ok now onto what else I was wanting to share with yall today.  I have never made anything special for anyone and have only been to 1 craft show and I only sold a few things at that show so the thought of selling the things I make has been pretty far fetched for awhile.  BUT the other day I was asked by a friend from my personal Facebook to make cell phone purse for her that she could clip on any bag and could be washable, so after a few practice runs I finally got it right and wanted to share it with yall today just to get some opinions.
The first one was my second attempt and the handle was too long and it is a little to small for the type of phone she has so I decided I would keep it.  The second one (green with pink polka dots) is the one that I am sending to her, what do yall think?
            002                        008
I must say I am pretty proud of them both because this was the first time I have ever used snaps and on the one that I will be sending to her, I actually made a tag for it.  Honest opinions please, what do yall think?  Well I’m going to go be productive, but I will try my hardest to not disappear for so long next time!!  So until then………………..

Happy Crafting!!

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