Thursday, January 20, 2011

Thrifty Thursday

Happy Thursday everyone!!!

How is the weather where you are today?  It's frigid here today (well considering the 80 degree weather we had yesterday) and windy.  This cold brisk weather didn't stop me from making my weekly trip to the thrift store it just caused me to add a few more layers to my outfit. 

I have been wanting to make another rag quilt since the first one I made a couple of months ago.  It was a lot of fun to put all of those prints together  and make a beautiful quilt.  I've been collecting vintage sheets for awhile now so I could start on my second quilt.  I'd like to say who it's for, but there's a chance she might see this and I don't want to ruin it so that will have to wait until later.  I've also been looking for sheets to make a quilt for a new family member we will be getting in the next couple of months.  My brother-in-law got married Dec. 31 and him and his new wife are expecting a baby so I'm so excited to have the opportunity to make my new niece or nephew a quilt.

Ok, now back to the wonderful treasures I found today at the thrift store, and to top it off all these great things were only $8.  I got 4 queen size vintage sheets, 1 full size vintage sheet, a beautiful vintage kings size pillow case and a lovely green knitted shrug.  Not bad huh?  Now on to a little show and tell............

This is the beautiful king size pillow case.  I love that green and the stripes and those pretty little flowers.
This is only one photo of all the really cute prints on this sheet.  I don't know if it's just mine or if it's blogger all together, but for days now blogger has been warping my photos and turning the opposite way.  So needless to say I can't show you the rest of this really cute sheet like I had planned.

There were 2 of these so I snatched them both up.  This photo doesn't do it justice, there are several shades of blue and a really pretty shade of lilac.

I love all the flowers and colors in this sheet.  Matter of fact these are all (can't say who's) favorite colors.

I love how the flowers on this one look like they've been painted with watercolors and they are also the same colors as the one above.  Perfect match!!

I'm very disappointed with this photo too!!  This is a more vibrant green in person, but you can see the great detail really well in this photo.  I can't wait to wear this out somewhere.

Well that about wraps it up for this Thrifty Thursday, what thrifty things have you found lately?

Happy Thrifting!!!


  1. I literally found your blog last night whilst looking for good looking rag quilts. Was afraid there was none but found plenty as yours was one, so happy to see this post in my reader this morn!

  2. I'm so glad you liked my quilt it was so much fun to make and I can't wait to get the next one made. Thank you so much!!


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