Monday, February 28, 2011

Vintage Sheet Rag Quilt (quilt #3)

Good morning everyone!!

Well so far this has started out to be a much better Monday than last week!!  Everyone seems to be pretty much back to normal.  My oldest has a little cough, but no fever and no vomiting, so I can handle that!!  .

We had a very uneventful weekend here other than the horrible wind that blew through (yes pun intended).  I did however get to go to a few garage sales and I found a few really great things, I will share those with you later this week when I get a chance to take some photos.  I will say this though, a few of the things I found I have been looking for FOREVER!!!

Now onto what I wanted to share today, I am so excited about this I was afraid to post it because it is actually going to be a gift for someone's birthday, but she won't see this until after she has recieved it so I think I'm safe.  There are a few other things that will be included in the package with the quilt, but I will post those when I show you what I found at the garage sale.

I am very disapointed with how the photos came out, my honey was holding the quilt while I was taking the photos and our 2 year old was behind him pushing on his legs.  I think he moved everytime I tried to take another photo.  So please bare with me.  I used 5 different sheets for the front and I used 1 sheet for the back.  I tried to match all of the colors that were on the back to the colors on the front.  This is a very light weight quilt so that it can be used in the spring and summer months.  I love the spring colors and all of the flowers this was alot of fun to make, the bright colors and happy prints helped get me out of my winter blues.

The photo on the right is a close up of the material that the quilt is backed with.  When everyone was sick this is what I was working on.  I started it about 2 weeks ago and finished the quilting part before everyone started showing symptoms of having a stomache bug.  I did most of my cutting on the edges last week.  So... what do yall think?  How was you're weekend?  Until next time.....................

Happy Crafting!!!


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  2. Thanks for sharing! I am finishing up a Strawberry Shortcake quilt for girl 1 and have a rag quilt in the plans for girl 2 ( I have never done one so thanks for the inspiration to keep going!) Found you at Made for you Monday!

  3. ooooh, I really like this. Very nice vintage sheets too.

  4. You have an amazing eye and color style! I love the way you put the yellow and blue nine patches on opposite diagonal corners from each other. Love the green filling in between the main blocks. Gorgeous and the eye just follows the flow of the quilt. Beautiful job!!! What size are the squares you were working with? Did you use batting in between or something else to keep it lightweight? Love it!!!

  5. The perfect combination - rag quilt & vintage sheets! I love vintage sheets & have been hoarding them for awhile!

  6. I was wondering...Did you any batting for this quilt? I made a denim without batting & it isn't very warm, now I mostly line them with flannel. I am asking because I think I am going to get into my vintage sheet stash for this!

  7. Shabby Soul,

    Yes I used batting, I found the thinnest batting I could for this one because it's more of a spring throw for my mom, but on the other one I made I used thicker batting so that it would be warmer and I actually used it most of the winter and it was very warm.

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