Thursday, February 17, 2011

Thrifty Thursday

Happy Thursday Yall!!!

I am so excited about tomorrow's post because the Hooded Towel Tutorial is all ready to be posted!!!  Aren't you excited???  I almost scratched my Thrifty Thursday post so I could post the Tutorial today, but I wanted to share some of the great stuff I found today so I'm making yall wait til tomorrow (it will be worth the wait I promise).  So onto my great finds then........

(oh and I only spent $10)
I love that plate, the flowers remind me of spring.  These 2 and some glue are going to become this...............................

See won't that be a perfect cake or cookie plate.  I like how the brown on the edge of the plate look great with the wooden candle stick and what makes it even better is it will have only cost me $1.50

You can never have too much milk glass!!!  See the stamp on the bottom........ Loving it!!!

Ok, you got me, I'm on 50's style flower kick!!  I'm always on a 50's kick but these flowers are beautiful and I just can't pass them up!!!

I'm thinking these will probably get used for our tea party! Or even hair clips or play clothes or.......  So many ideas.

And no I can't pass up any vintage sheets. Yes I am a sheet hoarder, ahhh much better I've said it!!  But my justification for these is that I just cut up a bunch of my sheet stash for a quilt I'm working on.

The first photo is so you can see the detail of this material.  It's a full yard of busy colors!!

So there you have it, my thrifty finds from today.  What great things have you found?  Until next time........

Happy Thrifting!!!


  1. Totally loving that 50's flower teapot! I have several teapots decorating my kitchen, and I always like to find different and unique ones.

  2. Love the teapot, totally into that retro vibe! :-)

  3. Such great finds! I love that plate and those sheets....oh my!

    (P.s. I have a bunch of thrifty stuff on my blog too. Check it out if your interested.)


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