Monday, February 14, 2011

Not a Valentine Post

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!!!

I know it's Valentine's Day and there are several posts out in blogland about decorations and cute things, but I kind of fell behind this year so we didn't really go all out this time.  I do any how have something really simple and useful to share with yall today.  I spent most of my weekend crafting and setting things up for later this week. 

Let me say before I show you one of the things I made this weekend, that Necessity truly is the mother of invention.  I know I've said this before, but when you have 2 boys in one house you can never have too many bath towels.  My boys can get dirty quicker than any other!!  I can wash every towel in this house and I swear 3 days later they're all dirty again!!  So this weekend I hit up our local Family Dollar and grabbed some cheap bath towels and some cheap hand towels and whipped up some hooded towels for my monsters.  This has to be the easiest thing I've made in a very long time and the most useful!!!  We've already used the towels twice since they were made and the boys love them!!

That cheesy little smile seems to be the only type of smile I can ever get out of him here lately, but even though he doesn't really show it, he really does like his towel!!

See he will still smile really big for mommy!!!  You can't really tell from these photos, but these towels are HUGE so they have room to grown into them.  I am going to be making several of these for my nieces and my nephew so if yall are interested in a quick tutorial let me know and I will put one together.  So until next time........

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

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  1. yes, please post a tutorial!

    Thanks, Lisa

  2. These are super cute! I've wanted to make a few for Kason! I would love a tutorial on how you made it! :)

    BTW, I sent out the printables today. Wouldn't you know that my printer is running out of ink?! :) LOL! They will work until you can get your own print. :)

    Have a Happy Valentine's Day!


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