Monday, August 23, 2010

Monday, Monday, Monday

Well, I would like to start off by saying my baby started Pre-School today!!! :(  You will have to excuse the crappy crappy picture of him I had to take it with my phone since we weren't able to bring the camera this afternoon.  Ohhhh I was so bummed too, I wanted a better picture of him on his first day but I suppose we will settle for this one for now.  I have to say in my books he didn't have a very good day and if I were him I would be done with school forever!!!  I won't go into details because when he gets older if it ever dawns on him that I've wrote anyting about him in my blog he would be so embarassed (ha ha).  But he's a little trooper and he said he had a great day and is ready to go back tomorrow.

So now onto a different note.  Who doesn't love getting great things in their mail box?  I know I love it and today I got 2 great packages in the mail.  Thanks to swap-bot (oh I love that place).  The first package was for the newbie niceties swap I was in and it had some great things in it from Dee!!!  A beautiful card, a wonderful recipe, some great stickers, brown paper bags (my mind is going crazy trying to think of great things I can do with them), glue stick, gummies for my kiddos and some beautiful little papers!! 
The second package was from a mystery pouch tag in one of the groups I'm in.  Thank you Christopherpines!!!  First of all it came in a shiny silver puch that was overflowing with blanket binding, rubber stamps, stickers, buttons, tattoos and stickers for my boys and the best of all a vintage garter for me to wear in our up and coming wedding!!! 

And to end my rambling I did manage to get a little crafty today and made a scrap fabric pomander.  It's so pretty and so colorful I absolutely love it.  Oh and did I mention it's out of scraps, so I also managed to recycle and keep those little scraps out of the trash and put them to good use.  A pat on the back for me today :)

I hope you all had a great Monday and continue to have a great week!!!
Happy Crafting!!!!

P.S. Please excuse the bad lighting in these photos, my batteries were dying and I couldn't find anymore so I had to just take the photos as is.


  1. A bittersweet moment when your Little One starts Preschool! I put mine in at 2 years she's's been soooo good for her! Especially since she's an only :)

    Love your Swap pics...and keeping scraps out of the trash IS something to be proud of!

    Cameron (PaintMyselfPretty)
    Swap-bot~Blog me up Baby

  2. Congrats to your little man. What wonderful packages that you got in the mail. And, I love your cute little pomander that you made. Cute!

    J3ss1ca (Swap-Bot)

  3. Your baby is such a cutie! The first day of school is always tough.

    You got some great goodies in the mail. It is always nice to get a package in the mail. It can make a bad day seem better!

  4. Awwwwww, he's a cutie!!!

    I loved the scraps pomander! Congrats on such a productve day!

    mmbrunet @ Swap-Bot
    Blog me up baby

  5. Don't worry Allison I will keep L.T. updated on his mom.

    Love Dad


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