Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Waldorf Wednesday

It's been a few days, I've been working on making a doll for my niece for Christmas (it's a little early I know), but I figured I would need to practice several times so I could get her right before Christmas.

  I was doing some investigating trying to find the best doll to make and I came across the Waldorf Dolls.  They are so cute and look so soft, but I didn't actually have everything I needed to make one so and as you can tell from the link they are pretty pricey.  I decided I would use them as my inspiration and create my own Waldorf inspired doll.  She only cost me $2.49 because I had to buy the yarn for her hair, I already had the fiber fill, a mismatched sock to help form her head and I used an old sweater that had a few holes in it that I had hanging in the closet to form her body.  Her eyes  and mouth are embroidered on and her hair is sewn on so it won't come off after being played with.  Now I just need to make her clothes.  I haven't decided yet what she should wear and what her name should be, but if you have any suggestions don't hesitate to share.  I hope to make a few more in the future just for fun she really was alot of fun to make and considering she was my own spin on the Waldorf Doll she's my own original patern.  I'll be back soon and will definetly show you her clothes when she finaly has some to wear.

Happy Crafting!! 


  1. I love this doll! She is so pretty!

    Jorden aka MrsWhiffin on SB

  2. She could have like, two or three different dresses and that would be the ultimate Christmas present!

    Tanja aka tanchyka from swap-bot

  3. Cute doll, can't wait to see her in her outfit!

  4. aww very cute! I have to try that sometime. Be sure to post pics when she has an outfit!


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