Saturday, September 18, 2010

Questions for a Swap

Well I'm going to start this post off by saying that I love swap-bot it is a great place to meet new friends and recieve some great things in the mail.  This post is for a recent swap I signed up for called 5 questions on my blog, we were assigned 2 partners and we had to ask them questions that they answer on their blogs and they did the same for their partners.  This is going to be part 1 of 2 these first 5 questions are from one of my partners Hayley.  I must say she asked some pretty good questions so this may take me longer that I thought it was going to.

1. You have 11 tattoos. What are the meanings behind each one?
Yes I do have 11 tattoos, I started when I was 18 and had moved away from my little home town in West Texas to live in Chandler, Arizona.  I actually got my belly button pierced first and then I went back for my tattoo.  The day I was headed to the tattoo studio I was in a car accident and was rear ended at a red light, I had to reschedule my appointment and go back 2 weeks later.  That tattoo is on my lower back and it is a tribal tattoo because at the time those were all the rage (remember I was 18 ha ha). 
Tattoo #2 is on my lower right leg and I actually drew it myself, my favorite flowers are pansies and I really wanted a pansie tattoo but all the ones I had seen were so horrible I didn't want to have to look at them for the rest of my life.
Tattoo #3 was a small butterfly on my left shoulder blade, it is blue because it's my favorite color and I love butterflies.  I went with a really good friend of mine and her boyfriend at the time it was very spontaneouse (sp?) because I wasn't planning on getting a tattoo that night we actually had to drive back home to get my ID because I forgot it and left it at home. 
Tattoo #4 my baby boy Landon's name in the middle of a tribal heart with a butterfly on it on my right shoulder blade.  I don't really need to explain why I got that one right? :)
Tattoo #5 my baby boy Justin's name above a bright blue and green butterfly on my right foot no explination needed :)
Tattoo #6 an Ankh on the back of my neck with alot of little bitty detailing on the inside of it.  This is the cross that represents eternal life.  I was going through a really hard time in my life, I was a single mom at the time and the Ankh was inspiration for me because no matter what happens to us in this life time (trials and tribulations) we only become stronger as individuals and what we do leaves a legacy to remember us by.
Tattoo #7  a very large tribal that goes from the top of my foot to the middle of my calf on my left leg it is solid black with blue dots.  This was the first tattoo that I let a friend of mine do and it was for practice for her and it was because I really loved the design of it.  This one really didn't have a meaning when I got if but now it serves a very good purpose, I ended up breaking that ankle shortly after I got the tattoo and it still bothers me really bad and the tattoo is what helps my kids know which ankle is mommy's bad ankle.
Tattoo #8 is 3 butterflies on my rib cage they match a tattoo that my aunt got the same night and that my cousin will get when she is a few years older it was to represent our bond each butterfly is the person that it represents favorite colors.
Tattoo #9 this one is kind of hard to explain it starts on the right side of my chest and goes down my right arm it is a butterfly, but one of the wings is a guitar and music notes and stars go down my right arm.  I love my guitar and music always makes me smile.
Tattoo #10 This one is hard to explain as well it is in the same place as tattoo #9 just on the left side and it is a treble cleff that has piano keys in it and it has stars and music notes going down my arm on the left side.
Tattoo #11 A very large back piece of cherry blossoms and the chinese letters that represent Always and Forever.  I drew this one myself also.  My fiance got the Always and Forever letters on his chest to match the one on my back.  This is an inside thing between me and him, there's a whole other long paragraph that goes with it.

2. What is your favorite thing about each of your boys?
This is very easy for me in some ways but very hard too because it's hard to just pick one thing about each boy but if I had to narrow it down I would have to say......
Landon :  This is something you should know about Landon in order to understand why the following is my favorite thing, he is blind in his right eye and has been since he was born he has had 7 eye surgeries and 1 surgery on his arm.  My favorite thing about Landon would have to be his love for life and all the small things he has always managed to find something to smile about no matter the situation he is such a positive little boy and so inspiring!!!!
Justin:  Justin is my active ,high strung, stubborn, chunky momma's boy.  My favorite thing about Justin would have to be, he is so strong willed (some people would say he's just a bad little boy) he will try anything over and over and over again until he gets it the way he thinks it should be.  He doesn't always listen the first time he is told to do something, but I think it's because he can't just leave it alone he has to finish it.  Do you understand what I mean? 

3.  What is your most recent favorite craft you have done?
Hmmmm..... This one is pretty hard.  I would have to say that it's a toss up between a bag I just made that I can't post pictures of yet because it is a present for someone or it would be Bella my Waldorf inspired doll I made for my niece.

4.  If you could spend the day with one person (famous, alive, dead, whatever), who would it be and why?
I've lost 3 important family members so this one really is impossible.  I lost my Grandmother and my Aunt all in one school year and I lost my Grandpa a few years ago.  I'm getting teary eyed just thinking about it because if I could spend one day with all of them that would be the most precious day.  My Aunt and my Grandmother never got to see either one of my beautiful boys, but my Grandpa was able to hold Landon but not Justin so I wish I could spend one day with all of them!!!

5.  What is your favorite blog to read and why?
Oh Geez!!!  This one is not going to be easy either........  I would have to say any of the blogs on my blog roll, but I would also have to add A girl and a glue gun.  I actually discovered her blog last night and spent probably a good hour just reading away she is so funny in her posts and she has some really great ideas.

Well everyone, this is probably the longest post I have ever done.  I hope ya'll enjoy reading these answers and I will have another post of questions and answers in the next few days from my other partner.  I hope everyone has a great weekend!!!

Happy Crafting!!


  1. Loved reading this. I have 6 tattoos myself and each means something as well. Would love to see pics of your tats. Justin sounds just like my Callan! Feisty, independent, and a boy through and through. I'm going to check out that blog! Thanks for answering so fast. I really enjoyed reading it. :)

  2. I've always said that IF I got a tattoo I would get one on the back of my neck :)

    april (rainbowafterrain81 comment on my blog swap)


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