Thursday, September 2, 2010

Thrifty Thursday

Hello everyone I hope you are all having a great Thursday. 

Our local thrift store is only open on Thursday's because it is ran by our local senior citizens and it's a great place to find bargains.  I've actually bought alot of my craft supplies from there and I try to go every Thursday.  I usually only take a few bucks with me because that all I usually need.  Well today I scored big time!!  I only spent $2.50 and I got 2 FREE milk glass vases, 2 packages of French lace Doilies (28 in each pack) and 3 yards of vintage lace.  There were alot of things I wanted, but they can wait I got the things that were the best finds for the day so all and all it was a big score. 
I want to share with ya'll a bag I made from the other things I've found at the thrift store and the Goodwill.  It is all made from thrifty finds from the pillowcase all the way down to the zipper and the thread.  I also made a flower as an accesory for the bag it can go either way.  The cost of this bag in total is $5.00, can't beat that!!  I'm not sure what happen to the photo of the bag with the flower on it, but it looks a little warped....hmmm.  As soon as I find the tutorial for the flower I will be sure to link to it so that ya'll can make your own. I hope you all have a great Thursday!!!

Happy Crafting!!


  1. sounds like you are feeling pretty good if u are getting out and about you stay pretty busy being miss crafty woman :)

  2. Two fifty!!!! You're kiddin' me!!!! Those were great finds....I'm a little jealous :)

  3. Looking good Allison. You are becoming very crafty.

    Love Dad

  4. i love thrift stores! great finds and super cute bag, do you need my address (so you know where to send it :D )

    minders from swapbot

  5. Thrift stores do have some awesome finds! Really like that bag (:


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