Thursday, May 26, 2011

Wedding Part 2

So how many of you were disappointed that I left you hanging yesterday??  I couldn't help it, I am so excited to share how great our wedding was with all of you!!!  So now I guess we will move onto Saturday.

We started out early Saturday morning, my aunt came and picked me up so that we could set up the convention  center for the reception.  There was a lot of running around, going here and there, forgetting this and that.  But in the end it was all perfect!!  I'll just show you how everything was set up and let you see for yourself.

This was the centerpiece for our table at the reception.  Do you see my burlap table runner and our tea light candles??  I used the tea light candles as a way to go around to everyone's  tables and thank them for sharing that day with us.  I went around when we got to the reception and lit all of the candles myself just for that reason.
Everyone of the tables had a burlap runner and a milk glass vase full of flowers on it.
All of the flowers were very bright and made you think of spring.  Just looking at them makes me smile.  I still have 3 very large vases full of flowers in my living room.  I took an entire 5 gallon bucket full of flowers out to the cemetery and distributed them out on several graves of my loved ones that I missed dearly the day of our wedding.
This AMAZING c.d. player played all of our music.  It fit in perfectly with our theme and it was so much cheaper than paying for a D.J.  I wanted to bring it home with me, but I had to give it back to my mom.  Isn't it beautiful?!

All of the silverware matched the invitations.  We tried to re-use and recycle as much as we could through out the whole wedding, so my mom came up with this wonderful idea when I flew down to see her because there was a miss-print on the first set of invitations that she made and we didn't want to throw them out so we just cut the owls out and wrapped them around the silverware.  They tied it all together very nicely!  My mom is amazing!!!

These were set up on tables right inside the first set of doors you came through.  I made the bird seed cones that are displayed in the thrifted suitcase and my dear blogging friend Cameron from Paint Myself Pretty made the flower seed envelopes in the wooden box for me.   I blogged about them awhile back here.  They were such a huge hit, everyone loved them and they fit right in!!  Again Thank you so much Cameron!!

This was the guest book table that was also set up as soon as you came in the door.  Friday evening when we were putting things together, my Mom noticed that on the back of the photo that is in the back on the right hand side (me in a tutu) was dated May 21, 1989!!  Isn't that crazy???

This was set up right inside the second set of doors.  This was for everyone to leave us a note.  In the left corner you can see the mason jar with the chalkboard label.  I wrote leave us a note in chalk and filled it with pens.  My matron of honor decorated the birdcage and made all of the note cards.  This was a HUGE hit!!!

Everything was beautiful and I will be back tomorrow to share more!!  We're getting closer to seeing the actual wedding photos so just hang with me!!

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  1. You are so welcome!

    Everything is so beautiful, Allison! I love the idea of you yourself lighting the tea lights to make your rounds, the birdcage, the seed cones....that button covered C....and your brilliant Mom's napkin rings!! So fantastic!!!

    Yes, I still want to see more...haha!
    Much love,


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