Saturday, May 7, 2011

I need some input!!

Well we are only 2 weeks from our wedding and I really need some help with the music!!!  We know what our first dance is going to be and a few other key songs, but I need some more music for the reception.  So my request is that you leave a comment with your favorite dancing songs.  We also need some great Jazz songs to play too because that is kind of the theme.  So please if you have any ideas I would love to hear them!!  Thank you so much, yall are going to be a life saver!! 

Oh and I thought I would share with yall some of our songs that we're going to have played so yall could get a picture in your heads of the feeling we are going for.  These are not the only songs that will be played, but these are a few of our favorites.  We are also going to be playing some really fun songs for the kids to dance to so if yall know of any of those I'd love for you to list them too!!  Thanks in advance, Really!!!

Our actual song is Lucky by Jason Mraz  (LOVE LOVE LOVE this song!!, but it's too fast because my honey can't dance.  ssshhhh don't tell him I told you)

No greater love by Amy Whinehouse (the song we will dance to, absolutely beautiful!!)

Wink and Smile sung by Harry Connick Jr. (this man has such a magical voice, LOVE LOVE it!!)

Those are just a few, I will be back to share more later, but until them comment away with all your favorites!!!


  1. I'm not good with current songs....I don't listen to much radio.

    As far as old jazzy is concerned, wjat pops in my head when I think of the theme of your wedding is " L is for the way you look at me, O is for the only one I see...."etc :)

    I'm not sure who sings it, maybe Sinatra :)

    How wonderful the Big Day is almost here! Can't wait to see happy pics of the festivities and all your hard work :D

  2. Allison ooh my gosh is 2 weeks away from my wedding !! Soo awesome...umm n I'm lame only song I hv to be played at my wedding..remember its small 30 person David Barnes god gave me you...I swear I cry everytime I hear it...but I hv no more song!! I think I need one more so if you could help me I would loooved it Xoxo sooo excited for us



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