Thursday, March 3, 2011

Thrifty Thursday and my garage sale finds!!

First I am happy to announce that my mom loved her package!!!  Now onto what I promised to share with yall earlier in the week (my great garage sale finds)!!!

I have been slowly working on getting my bedroom decorated how I wanted it and there have been several things I've been looking for and I finally found a few of them.  And since I am a very cheap thrifty person I will only buy things like that at thrift stores, garage sales or things that are being thrown given away.   So because of this it has taken me awhile to find these things at resonable (cheap) prices.

Don't you love it?!!!  It has so much charm!!!  And what's even better is that it was only $5.00 and compared to the other one's that I've found that were $20 and more I couldn't be happier!!!

I love this gumball machine!!!  Not sure if my kids will be lucky enough, to have it filled with gum balls though.

Look at the rust!!  I'm so giddy over here I can't even type without looking over at it!!  The face plate is upside down, but I think I'll leave it that way, I don't want to mess anything up by taking it apart and I don't really mind it.  See I told you I found some really great stuff while I was out garage saling!!  I found a few more things too, but my computer seems to have eaten the photos because I can't find them anywhere!!

So what great thrifty things have you found recently???  So until next time.............

Happy Thrifting!!!


  1. Those are fantastic finds! I need to come garage saling with you. I never find anything that great!

  2. LOVE the Coke bottle holder! When I was little I used to have a gum ball machine....Great finds!

  3. Ah, the thrill of the hunt...and ultimately the finding!

    Fun stuff!

  4. I posted my thrifty finds on my blog! I also have a thrifty thursday linky party. I love that coca cola crate!


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