Saturday, October 16, 2010

My living room is coming together.....

Good Afternoon all my lovely blog friends!!!  It's pretty cloudy here today so it's been a slow and lazy day for us.  I figured I would try to stay awake and show ya'll a few things that I've got done lately.   They're not my usual craft type projects, but they were fun to do and they make our little apartment even more cozy.

 Oh by the way, remember when I said that we were going to move?  Well we've decided to stay here for a little longer.  There was just something unsettling about the landlords that we couldn't  put our finger on.   Anyways back to what I was saying, I bought a few cheep cans of spray paint and went through our store room and found some old mirrors that had been broken (probably by my honey moving things around, but sssshhhhh we won't tell him I know) and some old frames that I didn't want because they were just awful to look at and I started painting. 
Our living room up until this point has been pretty boring considering we have brown micro-suede couches and a black entertainment center,  so I thought we needed some color.  Awhile back I found some beautiful material at an estate sale (we're talking almost 4 yards) for about .50 and it's just been sitting in the closet waiting for the perfect project.  It has beautiful shades of red, turquoise, green and yellow so I decided that I was going to use it as my inspiration.  I didn't want to overdue the color so I just used it in different places to add a pop to the living room and make it more comfy!!! 

This was on old black and gold frame.  I spray painted it red and covered the cardboard back piece with turquoise textered paper and glued the 2 plant hanging hooks to it.  We use it now to hang our keys when we come in the door.
This photo shows it in use with our keys hanging for the hook and the cute little turquoise owl perched on top!!  So pretty right??
This is a piece of the material I was bragging about earlier, see I wasn't lying it is as pretty as I said!!
I used one of my Grandma's old wooden embroidery hoops to display the material and sat it on a small shelf.

This C I actually made a while back, but I never knew where I wanted it to hang.  It's the perfect match for our newly decorated wall!!!

This is a photo of the wall all put together.  Just ignore the dirty vent in the tope left corner, I can't reach it and I'm waiting for my honey to take it down for me.  I may rearrange somethings or add something I haven't decided yet.  What do ya'll think?

I also made these pillows for our couch, I plan to make more but I ran out of polyfil so they will have to go on my to-do list.

This is the fabric drawer (box) to hold all of our movies and xbox games.  Out of sight, out of  mind.  Right?
I got so tired of seeing all those movies and games they are not so pretty to look at.

The blue bird cage on the left was originally white.  The white oval mirror was black and the yellow frame was one of the broken mirrors and it was originally black.  These are just on this shelf temporarilly until I decide where they should go.

So, what do ya'll think?  Is it coming together ok or should I change a few things around?  Until next time......

Happy Crafting!!!

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  1. Nothing like sitting back and enjoying your handiwork in your own home....makes it so much easier to relax and feel comforted when you're there :)

    Very cute little projects!


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