Friday, October 8, 2010

Christmas Gift ideas

I know it's October and I should be preparing for Halloween instead, but since we're moving soon I know that I will fall behind when it comes to all of my projects so I thought I would share a few things with ya'll tonight that I'm going to be making  for my boys and a few other people.  Some of these I've already made and some I have to get started on.  I hope ya'll enjoy, these aren't my tutorials and I haven't followed them all step by step some of them I've kinda done my own thing with and just used these tutorials as inspiration.

These crayon rolls are great and they're convenient for us as parents too because they can be carried in the diaper bag or your purse.  I did some tweaking to a few of mine for the older kids because my nieces love to color and prefer the 24 packs of crayons for more variety.  When I have the dimensions all figured out I will try to come up with a tutorial for the 24 count crayon roll, but in the mean while you should really go check out this tutorial it's so easy and fun to make.  It's also a great way to get rid or some or you scraps that you have laying around.

I didn't use this tutorial when I made these, but while I was doing a search for tutorials I found this one and I must say this is one of the best that I've found and the easiest to follow, check it out.  I actually made these for myself when I first made them and I ended up making a few for Christmas presents. 

This is one of my favorites so far because it's so simple and so easy to make and take along where ever you go just like the crayon rolls.  My boys love their cars and they tend to fight over who is going to play with which one.  I made a few tweeks to this tutorial because I added a pocket to keep the cars in and it still rolls up nicely for easy storage.  You should give this one a try and she even has a link to a girl version of the car mat, very cute!!!

Ok, this is one of the one's that I need to get started on so I can get it done in time.  I'm going to make it more like a barn, fire station or police department I think so it's more suitable for my boys.  She has a very detailed tutorial that seems easy enough to follow and once again it's another travel toy.  Are you starting to notice a theme with all of these tutorials........???  Anything to make traveling in the car easier on us and the kids I'm all for!!!

I hope ya'll have enjoyed these tutorials and I hope that they've inspired you and given you some ideas for Christmas!!

Happy Crafting!!!

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  1. I love those crayon rolls! Great for lipsticks as well!


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