Monday, January 2, 2012


Good morning everyone!!
I had the privilege of making Christmas gifts for 2 little girls that are very much into the movie by Tim Burton called Coraline.  If you’ve never seen Coraline you should watch it, I loved it!  I had never seen the movie before, but I wanted to know what I was making so I checked it out. 

In these photos they don’t have their dragon fly hair clips that she wears in the movie, but when I get a chance I will get some updated photos.  These were really fun to make!  There are a few things I would change if I ever made these again, but I think that overall they turned out really well!  What do you think?  So until next time…………

Happy Crafting!!!

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  1. Y'know, I haven't seen that movie yet?! I totally love that you're making dolls! Something you probably relished considering you have 2 boys....haha!

    These turned out great!

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