Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sewing a new wardrobe

Good afternoon Everyone!!

It has been quite a while since I did a Thrifty Thursday post, and even though it is Sunday instead of Thursday I wanted to share it anyway!  I have been going thrifting on Thursday's , it's just been so hard to remember to take photos of my finds so that I could share them with yall. 

I have been wanting to update my wardrobe here lately, seeing as how all I usually wear is tank tops and shorts and the occasional T-shirt and jeans.  I just can't justify spending very much money on clothes when school is about to start and my boys need things more than I do.  So I have been scouring the thrift stores for a while now looking for things that catch my eye and these are 2 of them that I turned into skirts.

Once again forgot to take photos, but the before was a horrible 80's style jumper with huge shoulder pads and it actually came down to my ankles!  I removed the skirt from the top part cut it down to make it the right length and kept the pockets.  (I love pockets!)  I kept the top part for another outfit.  Everything in this photo including the belt and Tank top came from the thrift store.  All together the whole out fit was $3.00!  You cannot beat that, I don't know of anywhere I could buy a complete outfit for that amount!!

This was a shirt that was way WAY too tight across my chest and under my arms, but I loved the fabric and the fact that it was a button up top with lace around the edges.  SO what was I to do?  Turn it into a skirt of course!!  So what do yall think about the new additions to my new and growing wardrobe?  Well until next time..................

Happy Crafting!!!


  1. Those are seriously so cute! I've been wanting to try to upcycle clothing but the most I've done is just shorten a skirt. Loving the whole outfit combo. I love skirts and totally wish I wore them more. Besides every day to school of course but I don't count uniform skirts. Anyway, I'm really rambling now, but thanks so much for sharing. I've really been itching to try stuff like this. -Maggie :)

  2. Makes me want to just try something on the old sewing machine. I find the longer I leave her in the corner, the harder it is to work up the nerve....haha!

    I love the lace on the bottom of the 2nd one, too! Both turned out so cute!


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