Monday, April 25, 2011

Last day to enter giveaway

Good afternoon everyone!!!

I hope yall had a wonderful easter!!  Our plans for earth day kinda went by the way side due to horrible winds and hot temperatures, but we did manage to do a few things to contribute.  I cleaned my house using scraps of old clothes instead of paper towels, we did get to paint on the back of some of Landon's school work which I have yet to take a photo of.  I also stuck to not turning my computer on for the whole day!!!  What did you do for earth day???

We had a pretty great easter, except for me getting one of my lovely migraines that ruined the day for me.  The boys still had a great time because they got to play outside with all of their cousins and hunt easter eggs and play in the sprinkler.  I will post some photos in the next couple of days.  I still have a bit of a headache today so I just wanted to get on here real quick and say hello and remind yall that today is the last day to enter in the giveaway!!  A winner will be chosen at midnight central time, so if you haven't entered yet go here before it is too late!!!  Goodluck to all of you and I'll post the winner tomorrow morning!! So until next time...........

Happy Crafting!!!

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