Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I used a pattern!!!

Good morning Everyone!!

While I was in Austin I learned how to use a pattern.  Yes you read that right, I never knew how to use a pattern until my Mom taught me how.  We chose a simple project for my new nephew who will be here this summer.  Oh and yes I was on a mini vacation and I ended up pulling out my Mom’s sewing machine.  You know you’re a crafter when you go on vacation and sew while you’re gone (ha ha).   Now keep in mind that this was the first time I’ve ever used a pattern and it’s not perfect by any means and it is very wrinkled because it spent the trip home in my carry on bag.  So with out further ado………………………..

  20110412_1                                                             20110412_3

The photo on the left is the front of it and the photo on the right is the back side with the pleats in it.  Now, did I do a good enough job that you can tell what it is?  If not, it’s a diaper stacker.  I wasn’t in love with it, but my Sister-N-Law (soon to be) loves it so I guess that’s all that matters. 

I also wanted to show you what else I made for my nephew.  I didn’t use a pattern for this one, this was just a simple project that didn’t need any instructions. 

20110412_4                                           20110412_5

It’s a taggie toy that makes a crinkle sound when you move it around, it’s only about 7” square so that it can fit in the diaper bag and be taken on road trips.  I plan to make a larger one for him too.  This one was just because I was in the crafty mood and I thought the little remnants of fabric I had were really cute and needed to be used.  You know when you buy a piece of furniture that needs to be assembled and they pack all the screws and hardware in that large plastic that slightly resembles large bubble wrap, well that what I used to make it crinkle.  I have several other projects planned for this little man that will be baby shower gifts and as I get them made I will keep you updated!!  So until next time………………….


Happy Crafting!!!


  1. Very cute, Allison! I could tell what it was right away! I don't know how to use a pattern either...I kinda just sew from the hip...haha!

  2. awesome YOU GO GIRL!!!

    ps. im revealing a thrifty outfit tomm..i think you will like it ;) its from Goodwill


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